Friday, July 03 , 2015

NEW! Spring 2015 Newsletter

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NMBA Names Inaugural Executive Director

NMBA recently announced Barton James has been named Executive Director for the association. Click here to read the full release.

2015 DC Fly In

Building on last year's 32 meetings in 3 days, this year NMBA members descended on our nation's capital in full force with an even fuller "Fly-in" agenda. Almost 20 members braved the busy halls of government. Click here to read the full release.

2015 NMBA Member Benefits

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Complete the USACE District Performance Survey

The intention of this survey is to aggregate information from mitigation practitioners, identifying both the areas of high performance as well as those where attention might be warranted. Here are the links for each district:
  • South Atlantic Division
  • North Atlantic Division
  • Great Lakes & Ohio River Division
  • Mississippi Valley Division
  • Southwestern Division
  • Northwestern Division
  • South Pacific Division
  • Pacific Ocean Division

  • America's Wetlands

    Read a brief history of mitigation banking and regulatory recognition of the need to protect wetlands. Click here for the full article.

    Emerging Markets Committee

    The NMBA through its Emerging Markets Committee is pursuing an effort to secure EPA consensus that utilizing ILF funds to purchase wetland credits is an allowed means of achieving efficiency in the use of funds and securing "no net loss" of wetlands. We are looking for examples nationally where there has been the historical collection of unspent ILF monies and your firsthand knowledge of delayed investment in mitigation projects or the use of the funds for purposes other than trying to mitigate for the actual impact that occurred. Any input or data including any local reports or annual programmatic type reports that you can provide would be of significant help in aiding the Association to advance this concept. Key info if available would include: (a) State and Corps District; (b) Identity and amount of wetland impact; (c) Date and amount collected; (d) Mitigation relief successfully undertaken, and if none, please state "none to date".

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    Conservation Banking

    Conservation banks are permanently protected lands that contain natural resource values. These lands are conserved and permanently managed for species that are endangered, threatened, candidates for listing, or are species-at-risk...  Click here to view the entire pamphlet.

    Calendar of Upcoming Events

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    EPA sends controversial water pollution rule to White House: The rule has been cast as a massive land grab by Republicans and agricultural interests. >> Click to read
    White House sends Congress $478 billion, 6-year transportation bill. >> Click to read
    The National Mitigation Banking Association brings together leaders who are committed to a unique concept for restoring and conserving America's wetlands, streams, and other habitat resources - a concept that unites sound economic and environmental practices.

    Established in 1998, we promote federal legislation and regulatory policy that encourages mitigation banking as a means of compensating for adverse impacts to our nation's environment.

    This commitment is fulfilled through a variety of research, education, and outreach programs sponsored by the NMBA and available exclusively to its members.